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Wix is an SEO badass

Wix gives you $50,000 in cash

The roots of the Wix Seo Hero contest

Why Wix did launch the SEO HERO contest with a reward of $50.000 for the winner?

Increasingly, Wix tries to compete with the CMS’s leader: WordPress.

The Wix web editor goes as far as using the same libraries used by WordPress, leading it close to the legal incident with the free CMS web editor headed by Matt Mullenweg “WordPress Automatic”.

Up to the point where Matt wrote in his blog that Wix always copied WordPress ideas. Now, he is blaming Wix pushing the vice till copying code written by WordPress developers in order to inject it directly in Wix.

“Wix has always borrowed liberally from WordPress — including their company name, which used to be Wixpress Ltd. — but this blatant rip-off and code theft is beyond anything I’ve seen before from a competitor”

Where does the truth lie: Wix or WordPress? Well, captain… in both sides of the vessel. The discussion is way too boring and complex as it is closely related to GPL licenses operation. However, by accusing the Wix App’s code to be stolen from its license, WordPress is heavily questioning Wix’s public image, while WordPress benefits from a huge community.

To get a clearer picture, let’s put a spotlight on Matt Mullenweg’s argument. The one reporting the Wix strategy which would be to copy GPL free code, and by the way ignoring GPL licensing rules. With special caution on point 4:

For their creators, the GNU GPL license is intended to guarantee the following rights (also called freedoms) to users over a program:

  1. The freedom to execute the software for any purpose;
  2. The freedom to study how a program operates and to adapt it as needed, which implies access to source codes;
  3. The freedom to redistribute copies;
  4. The obligation to convey modified versions and benefit the community.

In consequences, Wix CEO, Avishai Abrahami, answers by stating that Wix published more than 200 free software on GitHub contributing to the free software movement as well.

Who is right? There isn’t a clear-cut and indisputable opinion. Free software specific conditions are more subject to interpretation than any applied classic laws to softwares.

Competition is tough, and it’s normal for CMS editors to observe each other and benchmark themselves. But while a CMS as WordPress is addressed to a wide range of public sharing values and investing times, Wix is more commercially oriented. Thus, the WordPress community is expected to support their editor, in contrast Wix invests in business, communication and marketing strategies. And by the way, running an SEO contest.

wix logo
Matt Mullenweg Automattic Wordpress
Matt Mullenweg Automattic Wordpress

Wix Seo Hero contest conditions

To whoever is able to defeat Wix in SEO, the company offers $50,000.

The challenge has gone extremely viral, that’s already a communication success. Within the referencing sphere, everybody is already talking about Wix.

If Wix wins the contest, it will prove a lot by striking a decisive blow to the skepticism of the SEO community.

Before the contest, no less than 90% of the SEO consultants considered Wix to do a sloppy work in natural referencing.

Conditions for participation

  • Prior to 12.16.16, please send a domain name bought after 11.16.16 to the Wix contest referee: Ervan Hurvitz, MRKT306 INC. CEO.
  • Allow an access to Google Analytics and Google Search Console to the referee before February 16th 2017.
  • Respect the Google guidelines.
  • The winner will be the one who obtains the best average rank between March 13th and March 15th on US Google NYC datacenter, looking for the keyword SEO HERO.
  • The winner will be declared before the end of March 2017. If it ends in a tie, a Sudden Death will be organized March 16th 2016 at noon.

These conditions are detailed in this PDF file: wix seo hero contest and they also appear in the Google guidelines.

How to follow the results of the Wix contest in real time ?

There are many contest participants, it is difficult to follow them all.

The wix contest has attracted thousands of competitors who dream of the $ 50,000.

To be able to follow the evolution of the contest and understand the tactics of the participants, it is necessary to use many tools.

On this page of seo-hero.blog we have developed an automatic tool allowing you to follow in real time the results of the contest Wix, discover the wix contest in its most obscure seo tactics.

The Wix Website and contest

Wix chose an acclaimed SEO consultant: Rand Fishkin.

Wix company is allied to one of the best SEO consultant worldwide: Rand Fishkin who is none other than the author, at least the coach of the Wix participating website: seoheroschool.com. Rand Fishkin is also the Moz CEO, while “seoheroschool.com” was built in Wix but its blog under CMS WordPress.

Makes you wonder? For sure, Wix isn’t afraid to use the best-known tools around for each of its functionalities. Will WordPress act likewise?

The Wix SEO HERO contest explained in details.
Here you will find all the details related to the Wix Seo Hero contest: why it is running, who the participants are and how to play with Google.